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[First]iPhone XS MAX2

[Second]$150 MOL Card10

[Third]$30 MOL Card100

[Fourth]$15 MOL Card500

[Fifth]Mount Gift Pack50,000

[Sixth]Spirit Gift Pack500,000

[Seventh]Special Jewel Set4,000,000

[Eighth]Pink Diamond Pack5,000,000

Lucky Draw RulesWinning Record

Lucky Draw Record

Current total drawingtimes

Introduction: The master of time element in magnificent magical coat have great power to devastate the planet.

Introduction: She is an elf archer skilled in archery and deadly assassinator with most beautiful appearance as well as the terminator who makes the devil fear.

Introduction: The king in close battle with skilled swordsmanship and great strength can destroy all defenses of the enemy.

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  • TH +66
  • PH +63
  • ID +62
  • MY +60
  • SG +65
  • MM +95
  • BR +673
  • KH +855
  • LA +856
  • TL +670
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Join MU ORIGIN 2 pre-registration now to get pre-registration gift pack!

1)Over 50,000 pre-registration, all players get Pink Diamond Gift Pack*1; Over 100,000 pre-registration, all players get Wing Gift Pack*1; Over 200,000 pre-registration, all players get Blue Spirit Gift Pack*1; Over 500,000 pre-registration, all players get Exclusive Title Reward*1; Over 1,000,000 pre-registration, all players get Mount Skin Gift Pack *1; Over 1,500,000 pre-registration, all players get Fashion Gift Pack*1.

Abundant rewards, come now!

2)How to register: Please use your phone number to register!

3)Click “Claim Rewards” to get your reward gift code after successful login. Exchange the gift code in game!

4)Permission instructions: GAMENOW TECHNOLOGY LIMITED will collect your personal information for MU ORIGIN2 pre-registration activity.

5)Personal information will be retained and used for one year and will not be used again after that.

Successfully Landing

Lucky Draw Rules

★Successful pre-registration will get 5 lucky draw chances

★Rewards of each level can be awarded up to 1 time. Repeated awards cannot be accumulated.

★Players get 5 lucky draw chances everyday which cannot be accumulated and reset at 00:00.

★Players can check rewards at Winning Record.

★Entity gifts will be sent within 10 working days after game launch. Please pay close attention to Winning Record.

★Virtual reward will be sent 5 days before pre-registration ends. Please update your reward in Winning Record.

★Entity gifts winning information will be sent to the phone number/Email you used in pre-registration, so please use correct phone number/email.

★If the phone number/Email is incorrect, it may affect your reward.

★Please follow our Facebook fan page for more information.


Winning Record

  • [First Prize]iPhone XS MAX
  • [Second Prize]$150 MOL Card
  • [Third Prize]$30 MOL Card
  • [Fourth Prize]$15 MOL Card
  • [Fifth Prize]Mount Gift Pack
  • [Sixth Prize]Spirit Gift Pack
  • [Seventh Prize]Special Jewel Set
  • [Eighth Prize]Pink Diamond Pack

1. Entity gifts will be sent within 10 working days after the event ends. Please pay close attention to Winning Record.

2. Click “Claim Rewards” to get your reward gift code. Exchange the gift code in game!

3. Each activation code can only be used once by each character.

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Lucky draw has ended. 
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